The terrifying stories my older brothers and sisters would tell us when we were younger.  That age where you still believe in monsters and have the imagination to "see" them running around your room at night.  We were not allowed to go into our mothers bedrooms at night, so I had to either go sleep with one of my older sisters, or have the courage to wait the night out in my bed.

I was never afraid of the dark until my big brother, John, told us the story about the night demon.  That he lived under the beds of children.  He would breathe on them and they would turn evil.  If a demon breathed on you, you were immediatley kicked out of the community.  (This was just his story of course.  Probably just a way to make us all scared out of our minds PLUS not get any sleep)

So for the next week, I never slept at night.  I would fall asleep in school, at home while I was watching the radio, but never after the sun went down. I would stay in my bed sitting up and singing nursery rhymes and hymns.  I was terrified, I couldn't imagine not being around my mother and father.  My brothers and sisters had become my friends.  I couldn't let a demon tear me away from my family.

Finally after about a week of falling asleep in class, my teacher called my mother and told her what was going on.  Coincedentally, my younger sister, Alice, had been falling asleep in class too.  She was my half sister and I didn't really know her to be honest.  I mean, we lived in the same house, but didn't really mingle.  She was very pretty so her older sisters liked to parade her around wearing all sorts of pretty clothes and makeup.  Alice loved the attention.  Right up until the day she was going to be married at 16.  I wasn't there, but at the time my brother and I were still speaking.  He would tell me what was going on at home so I could feel like I was still a part of it.  He would let my sisters and brothers that cared know that I was okay.  Which were very few.  They all pretty much banished me to hell.

So our mothers got together and at first, were beating us because of falling asleep in class.  After multiple times, and us STILL not sleeping at night, they decided to ask us why were weren't sleeping at night.  We told them about the demons, and they went after my brother.  I'm not really sure what happened to him, but it seemed like he lost his sense of humor after that.  It was like he became a rock, void of emotion.

Sometimes I miss my family, where other times, I am so very happy that I have nothing to do with them anymore.

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Jun. 7, 2008 at 9:48 AM That is terrible!!!

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