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Of all thats going on in Life right now my goodness were busy.  I am semi-homeschooling Victoria right now she can count to 10, were now working on the alphabet, shapes and colors.  Cayden is walking around good now..I am teaching him simple words he knows mama, dada, ball, yeah, no, dog.  He is around watching all Victorias lessons also so it is absorbing into his brain also lol.  Being pregnant I am wore out I have been really nauseated latley and throwing up almost every morning..I have lost 17 lbs. with this pregnancy so far..My joints are acting up quite a bit they hurt pretty bad I feel like a 90 yr. old women..I havnt gotten the results for the Lupus yet but my doctor thinks I have a mild case or still developing.  Max's epilepsy has quieted down alot since the medicene he has only had maybe 4 or 5 episodes since starting the medicene.  Were getting a new puppy on June 12th Maggie or Lucy we dont quite know yet we will know for sure when we see her in person..she is a beautiful St. Bernard pup who will grow into a very big girl probably about 190 lbs. good thing is they eat about the same as a lab so she wont eat me out of house and home lol.Max really needs a pal for the past 3 weeks he cries himself to sleep basically so hearing the whining every night uhh I cant wait for it to end...Lasy but not least we should hopefully be moving about 1 to 2 weeks..just thinking about all the work we have to do stresses me out..we have to do the kitchen which includes putting beadboard on the cabinet doors, painting them ripping wallpaper down and getting glue down then painting it, we have to rip wallpaper off the dining room and paint that, we have to paint 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, we have to rip wallpaper off downstairs and paint that then we have to paint the laundry room and the cabinets in there, and last we have to clean up outside picking up the trash, plant some grass, trim bushes, put mulch in the flower beds, put the trampoline up (thanks mom and Craig!!) put the kiddie pool and annnnnnnd move all our crap in and put it away...kinda stressed lol...and with justins work schedule and all my doctors appointments we cant seem to find time!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 5:34 PM Sorry you're so stressed!  You will feel so much better once it all gets done.  I wish I could help!  But...  I can't afford the air fare ;-).  Hope it all calms down soon!  Good job working so hard with Victoria!  YAY!  You are such a good mommy!

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