I've been using G-diapers with cloth inserts for a while now.  I decided to attempt to make some pocket diapers myself.  I got some fabric and made my first one with fleece on the outside and flannel on the inside.  It looked good but the pattern I used was way to big for Logan.   So I bought some PUL and some organic cotton velour and made another.  This one also looked pretty good but was way too small for Logan.  So I used measurements between the 2 sizes and cut all my fabric.  After attempting to sew 2 diapers, I gave up.  I couldn't get them to come out right.  I ended up giving up.  I ordered some Kushies AIO's.  I know they probably aren't the best diaper out there but they were the only ones that fit my budget.  I hope they work out, I should get them thursday.

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