Angellight626's Journal


Be instant in season, out of season.
2 Timothy 4:2

We experience great moments of inspiration and enlightenment. These moments are a gift from God that inspire and rejuvenate our spirits. We cannot live for these experiences and in between be idle making an obsession of them instead of concentrating on God and maintaining our relationship with Him.

He deserves our obedience, admiration, and praise every day not just in the magnificent moments but in what may seem mundane or routine. Each day we need to offer to Him our very best whether we feel inspired or not.


My heart adores You and I thank You for the moments of inspiration that
inspire and refresh my soul. It is easy to become obsessed with these
moments and to seek more. When the days seem empty and the same ole same ole give me the strength to remain diligently working and seeking Your will regardless of how I feel, in Jesus name I ask, Amen.

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