So my parents say I worry too much about my kids. When my 13 month old son is walking around the house, I worry about him getting hurt. For several reasons.

1. He is my last baby, of course I am overprotective.

2. I don't want to see him hurt. (we have a stepdown living room, he can go up, but can't come down to easily)

3. We just moved here. I don't have health insurance yet. ERs are expensive.

4. Are they around to comfort him when he is screaming, bleeding, crying, nonstop?

So yesterday, he is walking around the kitchen and falls... no big deal..I tell his brother who is right there, he is okay, just give a hug and tell him it will be okay. "mommy he is bleeding" So I get up and go look.. blood was actually pouring out of his mouth. It was all over the floor, I picked him up to comfort him, (wearing a white tshirt) and blood covered my shirt, I went through 3 washcloths, about 10 paper towels, I couldn't stop the bleeding. Now my 4 year old i freaking out, and I start crying. I don't know anyone here to help me, my mother works 2 hours away, I couldn't get my father to answer the phone. So I call the ER, who instructed me to bring him in right away.. Finally the bleeding stopped. He started acting okay. My dad showed up at the er and said he looks fine, we could probably leave. I check out his mouth and it was okay, nothing that was going to need stitches. Of course now anytime my son "falls down" he starts screaming and crying. There is a reason why I am "overprotective".

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