Question: Should LYS be closed on Sundays?




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Ok so Lejeuneyardsales.com is a website for mostly the onslow county area (Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune is the bulk of that) to sell yard sale or unneeded stuff without having to have an all out yard sale.  No shipping is usually nesscary just meeting in a public place or in a yard sale format. It's great.  People also post yard sale ad's and business ad's on there too.  It's a great forum to use as far as selling stuff goes. I love it.  I've sold a lot of stuff on there and I'm thankful for that, but recently the "operator" ,Adam, decided that it's nesscary to "Close" LYS on sundays, for undisclosed reasons! Now if they're spiritual I understand, but still protest.  The reason being, I'm a Christian and I love to go to church and I use sunday as a family day, but I still check my emails and run my business too.  Websites don't close on sundays.  It's almost outrageous in a sense to believe that a YARD SALE site would be closed on a day that's part of the weekend.  If anyone wants to great real techinal here Saturday is the 7th day and the day of rest.  Somehow though our thinking got reversed and now Sunday te first day of the week is our 7th day.  Anyhow, I'm not here to rant about that I'm here to be upset about the loss of that crucial day in the week that a lot people use to wrap things up before the come of Monday.  If anyone reads this is from a military area or background, then you know waht sunday is for those of us in or married to the military.  It's hair-cut day, laundry day, family day, last minute errand day and the all important LAST DAY OF THE WEEKEND! So taking away sunday on Lejeune Yard Sales is like taking away the last chance to get that one item you really wanted or the chance to get in contact and meet up with other person selling the item.  Sunday is FREETIME!  So why take it away?  If the operator(s) need a day off find a SUNDAY person. Honestly, I hate to mix my "rest day" with business but some times I have to use that day to get stuff done. I also post for the new week on Sundays usually it's an all important beginning of the new week. I'm also a paying premerie customer on LYS, I pay for the extra bonus membership so I can post all my crap at once! So I'm paying for 24/7 service.  not 24/6.  LYS is a website! It should be the people that are committed to the website and use it for selling as to when the and how the website should be accessible, not the owner's.   It's up to the members to be responible for their own  time mangment, not the operator's'! Does he think it's a store or resturant of some sort?  No it's the WORLD WIDE WEB, the internet does not close! So this guy I believe needs to get off his high horse and recognize, it's not really up to him.  I mean if he decides that Sundays are a closed day what's next, closed by 10pm and on all major holidays? 

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Mar. 29, 2009 at 3:21 PM

There is another site, www.eastcarolinayardsales.com that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can do business on East Carolina Yard Sales whenever you want. No limitations. :)

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Apr. 28, 2010 at 10:25 AM

You should try lejeuneads.com is free and you can post pics 24/7

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