Sitting in the dark of night caressed by the silver rays of the Moon, the Green Man speaks to me, and my Mother holds my pain.  I hear the tale of love won and lost, the joys and pain of life. The warmth of the Southern breeze warms my cold blood as I hear, “All must love and lose in life. There are lessons all must learn. This is a pain all must feel in this journey. Your soul grows, you feel more, your gifts are strengthened. Love may be pain, but Love is Love again and again.”

“How?” I ask, gazing into her sparkling eyes. “How is a soul strengthened when it is broken? When it is no longer whole?” My Lady’s melodic voice sweeps over me, and her song reaches deep into my center.  For a fleeting moment, there is silence, warmth, and peace.

Tears flowing freely from my face. Once again, I am child, coming to my Parents.  But, there is no kiss to make it better, no easy way out. Heartache is a very real pain, no one lives without. The Lady smiles, and I hear a distant songbird.

The answer to my prayers, my Great King has made me a ghost of True Love. I had one of the greatest gifts in Life, and he’s gone. I didn’t see him fade away. I was blessed with a Love, and I took it for granted. So sure that it would always be there.  And now, I’m brought back to my Father, trembling and sobbing as my Mother makes her tea.  My Lord and Lady have wisened another soul. I still have two of the greatest gifts in Life. And this experience has been a lesson for us all.


    My soul may be broken, but it is wiser.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:10 AM

That is beautiful, and so sad.  I hope you find peace, soon.

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