Just because I decided I don't want to be friends with someone.They go and say I hope Matt dies.How low is that.Why can't they just leave it as ok don't want to be friends with me fine I will leave you alone.No they got to go be childish and rude.And say something entirely uncalled for.Then calls Matt an asshole and says I don't know why she puts up with your shit.Excuse me yeah me and Matt have our problems but what married couple doesn't .But we always manage to talk about things and work them out.Besides I love him with all my heart and soul.And I trust him 100% there is no way in HELL he would do something to hurt me or hurt our family.Yes,sometimes he can be an ss but what man isn't sometimes.I don't let what he says get to me cause I know he doesn't mean what he says.Cause I know he is just stressed due to the deployment.But saying I hope you die to someone who is in a warzone is just plain wrong and pathetic.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:21 AM Yep and I told that wench off :)

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 10:27 AM

Wow, that is crazy. I am sorry that you have to deal with such lowlife subjects! Let it go, people like this are not worth the time to even waste a thought. And, our husbands do what they do, so idiots like that can walk around saying dumb stuff like that.


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