I posted this in the board (The Cafe) yesterday, and am blogging it hoping it will help.

My dad lives in Whitehall (I think) and I haven't heard from him for well over a month. While it's not unusual for us to go months on end without contact, he didn't call or send a card for my DS's birthday, which has never happened.  He sent a card and called for my DD's birthday in April, and that's the last I have heard from him.

I'm an only child, and he's divorced from my mom, so I have no other way of finding out if he's okay. I don't know any of his friends there. I know what company he works for, but don't know the number there and will use it as a very last resort.

I called the house Saturday night and have not received a phone call or any emails from his girlfriend (they live together). I'm going to try again today.

Not to be morbid, but I have been trying to do some research through the local newspapers to see if maybe there's something about him or his girlfriend....but I'm not sure what towns are close to Whitehall. I tried the Billings and Helena online papers.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or know a better online newspaper near Whitehall? Thanks in advance!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:02 AM Try using yellow pages online to get the number for your dads company.  If that doesn't work, maybe contact the police and have them check on them.

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