I am getting really impatient waiting on the day my kids will be out of my hair for a full 2 weeks! I am bringing them to my Mother's house for a visit. They will have a lot of fun things planned, they need to get away just as badly as I need a break...well maybe not....I am really ready for a break!  LOL

I have been with my kids 24/7 for months....the boys especially with homeschooling, its like they're always in my face. I love my kids, dont get me wrong and lots of times we spend time together purposely as a family. But every parent needs a break of their own every now and again.

I have to take them to the dentist on June 11th, then I have an OB appointment I will more than likely cancel (since im switching Doctors anyway) After they gfet their teeth done, we're outta here!!!!! Its a far drive to Florida, but its worth it. We're actually meeting in Jaxonville,which is about 3 and 1/2 hours closer for me.  So, as the time creeps by.....im starting to count down the days! LOL!

 Hubby is having a knee scope surgery done, its outpatient and pretty minor but it will be nice for him to be able to rest up without interruption from the kid's noise. Once he gets to feeling better we will be able to go shopping for a few baby things, just the 2 of us. Im pretty excited. I have to get the bedding and match the paint to it. Then, we can get the room started!

So, I have about 8 days left maybe 9, depending on what day we leave. I CANT WAIT!!!!! 2 whole weeks, just me and my man!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!


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