I am so frustrated and stressed out and I can't take it any more. We have been behind on our bills since September and it just keeps getting worse. I have hardly if at all been able to make any payments on our credit cards and we are also behind on everything else. And it is driving me nuts that I cannot even answer my phone because it is also creditors calling for their money. They don't seem to understand how bad off most people are because of the economy right now. It's making me crazy. They start calling just after 8 in the morning and do not stop until almost 9 at night. Some of them have even started sending our bills to collection agencies and now they are calling too. UGH!!!!!

I have been trying for months to find a job but it just isn't happening. Where we live there is nothing for work except a Walmart and they are not calling either. The economy is hitting them where it hurts too so they can't afford to hire more people. It's just a vicious circle that is hurting everyone all over. Because of being so behind on our bills, our credit has taken a major nosedive and we can't even get any kind of help to get us caught up. We don't have any equity in our house and we can't even find someone to give us a consolidation loan because those are based on your equity. It's just ridiculous.

Why does everything have to be so hard? Why doesn't the government realize what they are doing to us? I just can't take it anymore. It makes it so hard when I have to tell my kids that they can't have something because we can't afford it. I even had to cut back on our cable so they don't have their favorite channels to watch now. I am so fed up with this country and the fact that they will keep supporting other countries that should be self-sufficient and we have to suffer. It makes me sick to see all these families that are losing their jobs and their homes. It makes me more sick to see all these children starving here and people keep harping for money to save the starving children in other countries. They need to wake up and help the people here that need it more.

Am I the only one who feels like this?

I would really like to find a job or something that I can do from home to help my family financially but it feels like everything is going against me. I started selling Avon last month and even that isn't going well at all. Can anybody give me some advice or direction for something that will help?

Thanks for listening (or reading, lol).

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:05 AM I know it isnt the best answer but keep hanging in there. You will find a job but it may take awhile. I feel for you though and no you arent the only one feeling this way.

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