I have ambitious plans for today. I woke up in a bad mood, but I quickly turned it around after reading my morning devotion in Debi Pear's book, Created To Be His Help Meet. Today's chapter was about having a merry heart. Most of what she talked about was being joyful and having a smile. I love that! She explained that men love to see a woman that is giggling and laughing and being joyful. A man loves to see a woman that is thrilled with him and is happy that he is around. A man does not enjoy being around a woman that is complaining and nagging. He does not enjoy being around a woman that is bitter and resentful and angry. I really took this to heart. Today is going to be a good day. I already woke my husband up with a smile and a playful spirit. He loved it. He was smiling and being playful himself. It was great. We have to go running in a little while and usually I spend the whole time whining about how much I hate exercising. Not today. I'm not saying I will be laughing the whole time, but I am planning on having a positive attitude. I'm sure he will enjoy his run a lot more if he isn't constantly telling me not to give up. I plan on having a joyful attitude all day today while I'm taking care of my son, cleaning the house, or just reading a book during down time. I want my husband to feel energized because of my presence. I want him not to be able to wait to get home from work tonight because we had such a good day. Like I said, I have ambitious plans for today.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 8:36 AM Good for you.  If you haven't already...you should post this in our group too.

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