Yesterday was a horriable day!

My ex called me yesterday morning and wanted to know if I'd meet with him "he wanted to talk" yeah right how many times had I fallen for that one.

I made it clear to him that if he wanted to talk that would be fine but it was going to be in a public place. So if he did anything others could witness his antics. So I told him to meet me at the Mall...So he did...and he started talking and after about 5 min of talking he just started cursing me out and telling all this crap, so I stoped (we were walking) and told him "I am not going to to do this." And I turned away from him and started to walk away. He followed me so I started walking faster to try and get away from him, but he kept following me. I even at one point turned around and told "STOP FOLLOWING ME!" in a rather loud voice so others could hear. And I turned away from him again and walked away from him. I was lituerally doing circle's in that mall, till I stoped at one of the kioses in the mall (the little boths in the middle of the mall) and asked if they knew where mall security was. They told me they were usually walking around so I said okay, (it had been a while since I had been to that mall) so I stoped and thought and I thought I remembered where the security office was so I started heading in that direction when I got about maybe 2 stores from where I asked for the information, when my ex grabed my purse I let my purse go and he grabed my arm and I just screamed "Let me go, Stop Following me." and yanked my arm away from him and took off running in the opitsit direction back towards the both where I'd ask where the mall security was at, the same guy that I had asked, stoped me and asked if I was okay...and I told him "No I just want him to stop following me." I told him all I wanted to do was leave. But I didn't want to go to my car alone because my ex would follow me to my car. So I waited  for a couple mins and then thought maybe my ex had left so I walked out to my car and he was standing there at my car. I turned around and walked back to the mall. I still hadn't got a hold of mall security. I went back to my car and got in and locked the doors, he kept holding on to the door and banging on the window. Finally Mall security came on their little bike! and asked if everything was okay. When I told him no and what had happened in the mall he said okay...and then after getting my ID told me I was free to leave. Ex pretnended to limp away like I'd hurt him. He said he blew out his knee from chasing me around the mall...Hello How many times did I ask him to stop following me and leave me alone. He was the stupid one who kept following me and chassing me after I asked him to stop about 3 times.

So anyways, about a year or so ago something simular to this situation happened with me ex. It envolved him stalking me at my apartment which caused me to move, because I lived alone with my dd and he'd show up at all hours of the night banging on my door, and one day he came to pick up dd for vistation and I had some papers on my table about his NON-Child Support payments, I actually had contacted an agnecy that collects back child supports so that is what I had sitting on my table the information they had sent me and when he left he took it so I ran out after him to try and get back, and he ran over my foot. Yes I called the cops, yes their was a report file. I actually had to move from that apartment because it was no longer safe there for me. And in November he managed to find my house where I live now and came over one night...I heard knocking on my bedroom window and when when I looked out it was him.

So anyways I was just so scared yesterday...I seriously thought he was going to do something crazy after he grabbed my arm, that all I wanted to do was leave and get away from him...So I came home yesterday and locked all the doors...earlier on friday he showed up at the store where I went grocery shopping. I feel like he's stalking me! So like I said I was so scared yesterday and locked myself in the house, is it too late to file a report against him with the police or a restraining order?

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:08 AM File a report and NEVER fall for the "lets meet" trick again. I dont think its the last you will hear about it but please dont fall for it again. You said yourself it isnt the first time this has come up and next time if you do it anyway dont wait for mall security call the police.

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