My papa is very sick. I need positive thoughts and prayers sent his way, his name is Joe. He is an amazing man. He was given the medication amiodarone and it became toxic to his body. He was taking medications that when mixed with Amiodrone causes life threatening side effects. Of course he didn't know this. His liver is the size of a basketball right know, So please if anyone will send prayers I would appreciate it. He is also in ICU.  He has also developed Amiodarone Lung Toxicity. I am so angry. He has been through so much. Why would any Dr. give such a dangerous medication to a person who already had Copd and emphysema. Of course he would be at risk. For these awful side effects. Not to mention he was on four medications that said not to mix with Amiodarone. I'm scared. I love my grandpa. I read website and it scared me even more. Why are there such medications on the market? Or should I be asking why Doctors don't read up on this stuff before they prescribe it to a patient, especially one with other health conditions. I also don't understand why when he couldn't even go to the bathroom without losing his breath it didn't set off alarms with the Doctors. Why did he have to get so sick before they said oh I bet this medication has become toxic to him. DUH! I'm not a Dr. and all I had to do was read about the medication and I knew that was it. Every side effect on there my dad has. Dark colored urine,clay colored stools, shortness of breath,passing out, it goes on and on. His heart stopped twice just from him trying to have a bowel movement. The first time he was on life support 3 days the latest episode they brought him back with CPR and he's on bipap. I know he's headed for the ventilator again because when they take his mask off to feed him his oxygen plumits. because of the Lung toxicity. This SUCKS! Please even if you don't know me or him, please pray. He don't deserve this and he certainly don't deserve to go because of some stupid medication

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