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Can we say HOT HOT HOT. It has been for the last 3 days, humid and stifling heat that makes it difficult to breathe. Unfortunately with that comes the summer storms. The ones that build in the heat and display their power through lightning shows beyond belief. They are loud and come hurdling across hills and fields , their clouds filling up as they go farther east, almost as though they are trying to fool people into thinking they are more dnagerous then they are. But the danger is not in the storm but what the storms bring. Lightning, one of nature's most beautiful fireworks display. LIghting up the sky adn spliting trees and power lines. I remember wehn I was younger being caught in a nasty storm on an interstate on our way to Missouri. LIghtning struck a transformer on the road and a huge fireball danced across the power lines. It was breathtaking in it's size and beauty, and deadly in it's wake. Power lines fell across the road causing wrecks. Trucks swerved to miss teh falling poles only to get hit by the still power filled electric line, leaving them to stay in their vehicles until help arrived.  Watching twister the other night I was reminded of the splendor adn absolute rage of nature. How quickly it can uplift things that have stood for years, in the blink of an eye. Yes it is summertime here in Kentucky and with it comes storms...

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