I am so disappointed with people nowadays.  You see all these terrible things happening to kids & wonder.  What the hell has this world come to.  And you know what is worse, it's Begining to seem like people just don't care.  They see it as a normal part of life in some way.  I hear all these comments like"It is sad, but what can you do"  & "you can't protect your kids forever"  Well, you know what?  Yes, it is sad.  It's sad the people have accepted the fact the girls being molested is a "part of life".

You know what gets me?  The women who say their son or daughter was molested by their father or mother.  What?  You mean you didn't know?  He was your father.  This didn't spring up over night!  All the years growing up, nothing ever made you suspicious? Nothing?  I can't fathom that.

Being on CM I have encountered sooo many women who have been molested.  It has really opened my eyes, to the fact that it is far more common than I ever imagined.

Lets not take it to that extreme,  what about the women in abusive relationships, who chose to stay.  And you ask them why? Their answer - "I don't want to leave my kids without a father"  What???  With out a father!  You husband beats you senseless,  there is constant fighting in your home.  Fighting your kids are watching!  You think this dose not affect them! Think again!  My husband was in one of those homes.  Where his father was a drunk & druggie.  He is 32 years old & still has issues with it.  What good did staying together do him or his brother, or sister.

In my eyes my children come 1st! Above all else!  I could never stay w/ a man who did such horrible things. A little paranoid.  Maybe, Yes!  But I'd rather be paranoid then let one of my kids be molested. 

A child's innocence is a very precious thing, that once taken can't ever be recovered.  To the people who have been hurt.  I am sorry, I am sorry that we as a "Society" have failed you!

It's time for us as a "Society" to OPEN OUR EYES! It time for us to stand up for those who can't, and say we will NOT accept this anymore! Forget Politically Correct!

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