Hello my name is Karen, I was born and raised in a small town called Santa Maria, CA. I am 31 years old and married to a wonderful man, who loves and serves the Lord with all of his heart. We met at our home church Santa Maria Foursquare. We got married on Feb 5th of 2000.Two years later we had our first baby in 2002.Than in 2004 we had our 2nd baby, what a blessing these two have been to us they have added more joy and happiness to our lives. Shortly after having our daughter, in 2005 the Lord brought us to another little Town in TN, called Only.. Thank God for fresh starts as we needed one in life with our children. He brought us to a small church in Waverly too that was 30 minutes away from us. We love it there; we made wonderful friends at Friendship World Outreach and it became our home church. We love serving with our new family. We have met wonderful people there and have been so blessed with wonderful friendships. The kind that lasts a lifetime and that would stick closer than a brother.

Like many of you I have come from a broken home. With a broken home comes a broken heart. I like to say this, a broken heart on the road to healing, is a wonderful but hard road to travel on. I have tried my best to think on the good things and the good times I have had on this road to healing I have seen my family slowly being put back together. I have watched God put pieces of my shattered heart together and mended it with His love and seal it with His blood. His out pouring of His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness has covered me over and over again. At 15 years old I asked Jesus to come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. At 15 years old I had been through a lot of stuff, so much that I felt that this life so far had nothing for me to live for. I had been through enough and I was looking for what I thought would be a way out. I was going to end my life by jumping off a bridge, I thought that would be the quickest way out. I thought That know one would even miss me. Until the Lord sent someone my way. I met this girl whose husband and my boyfriend at the time were childhood best friends. We were at a praise fire that night and i had just got in a fight with my boyfriend and took a walk on the the beach. They were all out looking for me up and down the beach and could not find me. The girl i just met found me and called out my name. She found me just in time as I was heading toward the bridge. I could hear someone calling my name behind me and every time I heard her voice I would stop turn around and look and continue to walk until i heard her get closer and she asked me to stop and I did. I was so glad I did because she shared the love of Jesus with me. Right there on the sandy beach I gave my heart over to Jesus. From that moment I turned around and started walking toward Him and away from the bridge. He began a work in my heart teaching me first to trust in Him and than slowly began to trust people. It was like He took me to a place in the spirit and began to heal and love on me. Did this happen over night? No, it happened over a period of time. He begain to walk with me though the healing proses and is still walking me through things today. Every time I come to him and say, ok Daddy do whatever you need to do in my heart to change me, the closer I get to becoming healed and whole. When I was at a place in my walk and ready to ask Him, I asked Him where he was through it all. He said honey I was there through everything. I was there with my hand on and over your heart protecting your heart from the attacks of the enemy. I kept your heart safe and soft because I knew that you would some day serve Me with your whole heart. The enemy was clearly out to try to still, kill, and destroy my family and take me out as well. I thank God for putting everything back together healing and restoring what the enemy was trying to take from me. As I look back over the years, I can see the war going on in the spirit. The war for good & evil, Love & hate, life & death. God had His had on me then and He still has His hand on me now. He knew that when I grew up, I would serve Him in any area that He needed me to. He said I have a child that is hurting please bring their need to Me. My heart goes out for the broken hearted. The one's that everyone turns away from. The outcast, the ones no one would embrace. I want to love and encourage all that He sends my way. My hearts desire is to see women restored to their full potential through Christ Jesus our Lord. To not only see them restored but their families as well. Our God made families and put our families together. Can I ask you something? If God made families and put them together then why do we blame God when our families fall apart?

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