my mom always read to us when we were young, then by the time I was a teenager you never saw me with out a book. Now I do not read as much as I had as a teenager, I would love to start reading books again....I do have some new ones to read by Nicholas Sparks.

My Favorite Fictional character was Christopher Robin. I use to day dream about playing in the 100 acre woods with Pooh, roo, tiger, piglet and the rest of the 100 acre woods family. Still to this day I could escape to the 100 acre woods for an afternoon of play time.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 6:58 PM

I still read, Holly, but I think it's a question now of finding the time.  With your big, wonderful family, I'm surprised you have the time to even pick up a book, let alone read it!  :)

 Sending hugs to you all!!

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