Yesterday I had my sugery.. man I am sore I can barly walk and feed my son. I have no help today Jt  and my mom had to work my dad is here but he isn't any help he just sits there and doesn't do anything. but on the other hand my sugery went well I was sick afterwards and kept puking. BUt i finally got something in my tummy and am feeling better. Aiden is screaming because I can't hold him it hurts way to much. He is swinging watching tv and crying. I hope he stops soon I can't take much today. I have 4 small incesions On in my belly button one under my boobs and 2 in my side. They told me I could shower today and re dress my bandages so I think I will do that later...... We are also going to see Jt's daughter tonight.  I told him I would go with him but he had to take care of Aiden like he did lastnight. and he agreeded to. So i told him I would go aslong as he stood by my warnings and helped me if He don't then I am going to leave him there and come home. Well I guess i better get off here and get something to eat.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:35 PM I hope you are feeling better soon.  I know how it feels to have surgery, I have had 17 or so.  It's not fun at all.  I hope you have a speady recovery. 

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