So I can say, I have officially seen my first full body aparition.  My dh and dd have seen it as well.  It is the height of my almost 3yr old, and if you can imagine, acts as if a 3yr old.  But to me and my dh, it's just a shadow.  There for a few seconds and gone.  I almost yelled at my dd one night, to get back into bed when I realized she was in the living room, so I turned around and looked in her doorway right where it was standing, there was nothing.  I was actually shaking at first lol.  Then we went to our friends house saturday, and my dh was telling them that he hadn't told me (because he didn't want to scare me) that he had seen the same shadow running at the foot of our bed at night.  Interesting to say the least ;-) ........

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 10:17 PM omg this would freak me out!  I have seen things twice in my life and once lived in a haunted duplex I kid you not.  It was most spooky to me when my husband worked offshore for a month at a time, leaving me at home with a newborn by ourselves.  Strange sounds, strange things happening... I want to read your other posts. This freaks me out but I'm fascinated at the same time.

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