Minds out of the gutter, people. BJ's is a wholesale store. Heh.

Went shopping yesterday and that was my first stop. I always love going there because I always find something new to bring home. The Kids look forward to seeing something other than the normal stuff contained in a huge box. I got the usuals of course, Bologna (Oscar Mayer Beef.. They have a 2-pack of the 1 Lb. package for $4.29.) I also got a huge 2-pack of Kraft Shredded Cheddar for $5.99, and much more. They had a HUGE package of "Kung Fu Panda" Fruit Snacks for $7.99, so I grabbed that because the Kids go through Fruit Snacks like crazy. As a little treat for them, I got a huge container of those little ice cream cones with marshmallows that look like Ice Cream. They went nuts for them! I get the Milk there as well, because it's over a dollar cheaper there than it is at the Market. Eggs are about $1 cheaper there, too. My Creamer is $3.16 for a huge bottle, so I grab 2.  I always spend about $90-$100 there, but it's so worth it. You get so much. Only dilemma I'm left with is I generally have no place to put the huge boxes.. Hahaha.. So, they kind of chill out under the Fish Tank table. It's easier for the Kids to access when they're picking out their snacks to go with their sandwiches.

Went to Shaw's afterwards to pick up the odds & ends. I noticed they had Creamer on sale 2 for $6. I hate when that happens. They have a pretty wide variety of the Creamers though, so I did grab some Caramel kind <3

They disappointed me this week, though. A couple weeks ago, they had 12-packs of Coke & their varieties for 5 for $11. This week, they were 3 for $11. That's quite a difference, so I skipped it. I'll have Dan pick some up at Hess. They always have them 2 for $5.

Didn't get the Freezer Deal from Roch's this week because the Freezer is still really stocked with meats. "Throw Up" Chicken is scheduled for dinner--We haven't had it in a couple months, so Dan will love it. I'll whip up some cookies tonight as well. Delia's been asking for them.

Got the plates for our car yesterday which is a good thing because the temp tag ran out yesterday. Whew. When Dan made the car payment on Saturday, they didn't have them. Their runners were sick last week or something.

The Kids go for Checkups tomorrow. Delia's gotta have her physical for school, and some vaccinations. Hunter needs a checkup and a set of vaccinations, too. The Doctor sees them both at the same time. I love it because he's MY Pediatrician. As in, the one who saw me when I was little. He's ancient now of course, but he's one of the best. The Appointment was originally scheduled for yesterday, but Dan was still working at Check & Go when it was made. He's since started with Sbarro and I don't think they'd appreciate him taking a day off, or going in late so soon. So he called them on Friday and rescheduled without a problem. Anyway, that'll be the last step for Delia. Then she'll be all set for Kindergarten in September. <sigh>

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