I think it is high time to stop Associating Obama with the trinity church leaders. I know that there are many of us who have friends(associates) that say things that we don't agree with at times, but should we be labeled along side them when they make such comments? I think not, Pfledger's comments were rather amusing, I didn't really see what the big fuss was about. Hillary brought this upon her self when she brought race into the equation, don't put out what you can't take in.

 I do believe that Hillary thought she was entitled. Let's face it, she wasn't worried about Obama at first. We have had several AA candidates run for president and known have exceeded as far as Obama has. This is a very important thing, this man( a black man) is really likely to become president, this is a huge mile stone in American history! I understand what Hillary is going through because in her eye's this is unheard of, we have always had EA's as president, why the change now? She has tried numerous times to disavow this man, she has pulled the race card immediately when she realized that he wasn't going anywhere. That ride lasted for awhile and then became burnt out because the people, AA's and EA's were tired of the race bating. Now here comes pfledger, an EA talking about his own people per say. Maybe he thought that since he was a "white Man" that he could make these statements. I guess this would be on the same line as some of our "Black voices such as Sowell, who feels that blacks should forget the past and move on, then we have Williams a Fox News sponsor and radio personality that is a huge Hillary fan, even though she has made some really controversial statements, but he is still "Tap Dancing" for her and Fox News. Last but not least Thomas, our first AA supreme court justice, who pretty much share the same ideas as our "friend" Sowell.  The connection here is that because you are the same color skin doen't mean you get to point out the flaws of your race. Let's be real here, for more than two hundred years of EA control in the white house there is going to be some fears. This marks a critical time for this wonderful country and I hope that we are able to move on and allow this change to happen, It is only for the better and also this momentous event will make minorities feel that there is hope in this country and that the playing field so to speak is fair. I feel somewhat sorry for Hillary that everything she has done to win the nomination has back fired on her. I hope that she has learned something or will take the time to think about what she has done wrong in this election and hopefully will come back revised and edited. It would be nice in about eight years to see a female face in the White House, whether it's Hillary or another woman. peace  http://cafemom.com/group/perspectives.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:05 PM I thought Pfleger's sermon was hilarious!  "There's a black man stealing my show!  Boo hoo hoo!"

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:50 PM

I here you lady.lol it was hilarious. It's just the way I saw Wright's statements some of them were hilarious. To turn something so truthful into a satire. peace

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