This virus stinks!  A few sores/blisters have popped up on Sofies arms & hands.  They look very painful.  I can't imagine having them in my mouth & throat.

We went bback to the doc yesterday since her fever had not fully gone away & she was very moody & uncomfortable.  She now has a sinus infection & a great big open sore under her nose.  That sore will bleed from time to time.  The doc put her on some anitbiotic for the sinus infection & gave a a cream for her nose.  She had a fever last night of 101.5!  This morning she slept until about 9AM.  She seems a bit better today...but now I am sick too!  UGH! 

Sore throat & pain in my ear.  I am on meds as well.  When it rains it pours I guess!


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