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So I am sitting here and it's not even 9:00 AM and I'm already stressed out.  This morning I was informed that I am going to get to care for the kitten that I found yesterday while my FIL and his wife are at work. Here's the thing, DH and I TOLD them WE wanted the kitten and my FIL looked right at us and said, " Well, I'm going to go take it to Angie and give it to her." UMMMMMM HELLO!!! WE JUST SAID WE WANTED IT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!???? Since it's their house they get to decide who keeps it.... THAT IS JUST MAJOR BS. So since this kitten is only about 4 weeks old I get to feed it throughout the day. I have a better idea though. Since I'm expecting a delivery at my mom's house I'll just take the kitten with me and get her cat to nurse it since she just had kittens.

Anyways, the next thing that has stressed me out is that I checked my order status online for an order that I placed through a company and it showed that the rest of my order was CANCELLED because someone typed my credit card number in wrong and they won't use my credit card to finish processing the order. PLUS, I've already paid the shipping for the ENTIRE order and they are telling me that they will not refund the money but that if I can get someone else to pay for it that they won't charge them the shipping and will finish the order. Ok. So I had my mother call and use her card to finish it for something that is THEIR mistake and I'm just going to give her the money for it.

Now for the biggest thing that is stressing me out. My dad called me this morning and told me to be waiting for a phone call for a job interview. Ok... I applied for an office job at the shop he works at and he's been trying to help me get a job. Which is cool because we can car pool with the price of gas being so high. Now for the problem. When I tell me DH about it he FLIPS OUT ON ME. He gets pissed off because he doesn't want the kids to be put in daycare. I don't either but somehing needs to change. If I go through DHR to find a daycare I can get a discounted rate for child care and I won't be breaking even between paychecks, child care, and travel expenses. I told him that he will have to take the kids to daycare on his way to work since I'll leave WAY before he does.That is something else that made him mad. I LOVE being a SAHM BUT we need the money and since his boss isn't going to give him a raise even though he's the assistant manager and he's been there longer then anyone else has AND the new kid they hired is making more then him but DH has to go back in behind him and fix his "mistakes", I'm going to have to do something. He's been there 2 years and it has taken him a year to get a .50 raise and then the other .25 was only part of the raise he was suppose to get. He was suppose to get .25 every week for a month so it would total up to a 1.00 and he only got a 1/4 of it. Yet they just hired a new kid who is younger then Dh is in school and only works 2 hours a day and pays him more then DH... WTHECK!!! DH doesn't want to look for something else because this job is close to the house, (which I like too), and he knows these people and gets along with all of them well but everytime he says something about a raise they say that the shop isn't making any money. Ok... How do you expect someone to do EVERYTHING by HIMSELF from 8 to 3 and then to get his job done when he has to go back behind the new kid, who you are paying MORE, and fix his mistakes? Yet you sit there on the computer all day and write yourself a check for 600.00 a WEEK and your manager who is your nephew and runs the machine shop next door a 300.00 AFTER taxes plus what he makes at the machine shop. Yet you can't pay someone who has stuck with the shop when the other 10 PEOPLE have come and gone in the past two years that he's been there? Who runs the shop when no one else is there by talking to customers, answerng the phones, dealing with part deliveries, and does everything in the shop by HIMSELF for most of the day. Someone who has a wife and three children to care for. COME ON!!!!

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