Molly had her 6 month appt. yesterday.

26inches and 14 lbs 9 oz.  We thought for sure she'd weigh more than that.  She weighs more at home. They weighed her on a different scale than usual.  She's at the same percentile and healthy and well.  She's just a noisey breather- a lot of people have asked if she has asthma- NO.  4 shots and the drink thing.  All in all an OK visit.  Dumb question- why do they take so long in the drs office?!  Kids have no patience!

 I had an issue with the NP who is also a LC about Molly's solid intake.  Grrr.

NP/LC: So, is she on solids?

me: yes, she only turned 6 months about a week ago, but she's had sweet potatoes and bananas so far.

NP/LC: Oh... Well, she should be having a lot more than that by now.  Up to 3 meals a day and she should be on cereals.  Cereals will give her a lot more bulk to eat.

me: well, we're taking it slow, but I might add another feeding per day, she's loving her solids. But I'd like to get through the fruits and veggies first.   

 The NP/LC looked at me like I had 2 heads.  WTH?!  I am so shocked with this coming from the LC!  The AAP says "Exclusively breastfed for 6 months."  Last time I checked "exclusively" meant nothing else.  There is nothing that says cereals HAVE to be the first food.  I will introduce it, but only as another food, like anything else.  Cereals are mostly empty calories ("bulk") and encourage an appetite for carbs. If she needs another food, I'd rather she have some of whatever the new food of the week is and a food she's already had.  Kwim? 

I was just so frustrated with the LP because she should know and follow the AAP guidelines better.  And I think she should have applauded me for the 6 months EBF, not berated me for not having Molly on more solids.  What is wrong with the system?

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:11 AM

congrats on EBF for 6 months! That is a huge milestone in itself.

 Secondly, I agree she should know the guidelines better. We didnt start out on cereal either, and if I do give it to him, it's with a fruit mixed in. But he likes to just eat the fruits by themselves, so he doesnt get cereal very often.

 Don't let the LC discourage you... you know whats best for Molly!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:30 PM

I agree Penny! Don't let the LC discourage you!! Our baby nutritionist that came to the PEKiP group said cereal is the very worst thing to start on because it's hard for the babies to digest. She said start on cooked vegies, go through the vegies then the cooked fruits, then you can add raw mashed stuff like bananas then if you want you can add cereal (she said oat cereal was way way healthier than rice cereal) and only if rice cereal if you, as a mother, can't imagine baby going without it.

And the reccomend a MINIMUM of 6 months for EBF!!! Breastmilk or formula is enough for our babies until they are about a year old. Sometime between 8 months and a year (every baby is different as to exactly when) they start needing more iron than what our milk can give them. Starting them on solids slowly is just to get them USED to eating and swallowing and allow their digestive system to get into the whole process slowly so that by the time they actually NEED the extra iron and stuff they're getting it.

EBF protects the baby from so much and as soon as solids are introduced, breast milk is still good, but no longer as effective as it was during EBF! That's why a MINIMUM of 6 mo EBF is recommended and I've heard that sticking it out till 8 months for babies who are from families with allergies is even better!!!

I'm still EBFing Niklas as well and don't plan on introducing solids until he's 8 months old when we get back from Canada. I had at first thought at 6 mon I would start introducing and because of Canada decided to delay and have since read alot that there are good reasons for delaying especially since allergies run in my and in Mirko's family and Niklas has had a rash ever since spring started which looks like an allergy type of rash, so I just want to help him out as much as I can!!

Like Kim said, you know what's best for Molly! 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:33 PM

I don't know what it wrong with the system, I wish I did.  Rowan is still EBF, she has not hand anything else yet.

I have had run-in's with ignorant LC's before though.  I had one while still in the hospital with Rowan. My milk came in early on day two, and as part of my lunch I had some spinach.  Well, that evening, Rowan was pretty fussy and scrunching up, and the NP/LC commented on it. I thought for a second and said "Oh, I had spinach with lunch, a goodly bit, and it always makes me feel gassy, so that's probably what's going on.".

She turned and actually SCOFFED at me with this mean look on her face and goes "I don't know WHERE you picked up that nonsense, NOTHING you eat or drink passes through your milk or has any bearing on the baby."      I was flabbergasted, to say the least.

You are doing great, you got her to 6 months EBF and that is an awesome feat when everyone is trying to force solids on you.  Cereal is absolutely over-processed junk with very little nutritional value, so good on you for skipping it as a first food.  It never did anything for my older two but constipate them.


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