A little girl was drawing a picture at the kitchen table while her mother was preparing dinner. She saw how focused her daughter was at what she was doing...."whatcha doin honey???"

"I'm making a card for daddy" she replied. Mom frozed. her dad's been gone for almost two months. "His birthday's coming up and I wanted to send him some balloons." "that's really nice" mom exclaimed.  "How far is heaven?" the little girl asked. Mom sat there and thought about it, "Hmmm, I'd say far and beyond"........

So the little girl and her mom went to the store and bought all kinds of balloons all different sizes and colors. The little girl tucked her drawing inbetween one of the balloons.  " I sure hope daddy likes his balloons" the little girl says. "I think he will." Mom replies. they go outside of the store. Mom looks at her daughter and then looks at the sky. She closes her eyes so that she can see her husband's face and proceeded to say a prayer, "Are you ready mama?" the little girl asked. "yes". Mom replied. They let go of the balloons and they soared into the air. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!." the little girl shouted. They stood there and watched all the balloons disappear into the sky.

Do you think he got them???? I think he did. Not so much because of them disappearing into the sky but because of the little girl's faith. What do you think?

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:35 AM aww ..thats such a nice story. im sure her daddy got her presents.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:35 AM I believe he was standing right next to her, thanking her for her wonderful gift. 

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