I'm bored, so im going to write a little bit about myself, and help people get to know me!


I'm Stephanie, I'm 20 years old, but I've been told im mature for my age.  I am married to an amazing man named Kevin. We live with out son Trentyn and our dog luke in Hondo texas! lol.  I am very shy at first but after awhile I will loosen up and I like to joke around.  I tend to make perverted jokes and perverted comments, but I know how to turn that off! lol.  I like to have fun, you have to be stupid sometimes to enjoy life!! I like to go out dancing, I like shopping (especially when there are good sales and stuff! I like cheap places too) hehe.., I like to go swimming and sometimes I'll go with my husband fishing!! I'm pretty much up for anything. I'm the girl who you can come to when you just need to talk, and I'll listen, and offer advice if your up to it.  I dont enjoy drama, and I dont like hearing about it.  I dont think its right to make fun of people, I see it as jelousy when you have to sit around and make fun of someone. Its always better if everyone gets along, but if they dont, then I feel you should go your seperate ways.  I've been hurt many times in my life by ex boyfriends, and EX best friends.  I know its hard to avoid gossip, dont get me wrong I i, like many women,  find myself listening to it once in awhile, but I do NOT spread rumors or talk about people behind their back unless I am willing to say it to their face.  I dont like to make people mad, or hurt their feelings, and I dont like to get my feelings hurt.  I am very outspoken and I will tell you what I think if the opportunity comes up! I am a loyal friend.  I HATE LIARS! and you can count on me to tell you the truth. I LOVE chocolate!!!  I LOVE margarita's and I have never tried a martini but I'd love to some day!  The thing I look forward to when I wake up in the morning is seeing my sons smiling face, he is always smiling. No matter what, even when he's sick.  When I'm having a bad day all I have to do is look at him or hear him laugh and I am much better.  I enjoy every minute I spend with him, and miss him every minute that I dont.  I love to laugh, and joke around.  I am hardly online, but you can always catch me on my phone via txt message or a good old fashioned phone call!!!  Um..I cant think of anything else to write!! hehe..HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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