Did you read as a child? If so, did you have a favorite fictional character that you admired or wanted to be? I was a reading freak as a kid. I always had a book. My mom gave me anything and everything to read. When I was really little I was reading books like Death be Not Proud and Karen. I called that my medical years. Just about every book was some story about some kind of medical ailment. I read books in Elementary School that would end up being books I had to re-read come high school since they were on the reading lists. Who knew Jane Eyre was good for a litrle kid? I never really admired any of the characters. What I admired was the authors. I was blown away at certain imagery that these men and women would present to us in a few hundred pages. I wanted to be able to express myself as well as they did.  My first hero in the literary world was actually Beverly Cleary. I loved her books. Sure, I was little, but I would read her stories over and over. I was pretty sure things like high school were going to be just like how she described them. There would be dates at the local soda shop and boys would drive cool cars. Obviously she wrote these long before my time.  It was then that I started reading more real books. Karen was a story about a girl with I believe multiple sclerosis and she raised Newfoundlands. It was inspirational because it was real. Death Be Not Proud, the memoirs of a man who had a brain tumor. This was a diary, and I was drawn to it. I loved real, and I think these are the books that made me write my own diaries and essays on my life.  

So I guess the fictional character I wanted to be, well, was me.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:37 PM

Oh Beverly Cleary!  I read about Socks the cat so many times it fell apart.  I bawled when some idiot put him in the mailbox.

I used to put myself in the stories I read.  I wouldn't be a main character or even interact with them. I'd be someone on the street, a neighbor, classmate or coworker.  I even dream that way sometimes, as someone watching the action instead of a participant.   

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