This weather is FABULOUS!! I'm just loving not having to put Riley's holy pants on him for school in the mornings...he can officially wear his summer shorts now. The boys dressed in matching outfits yesterday. They were so adorable!

I'm very relieved, with the breaking weather, at Riley's and Sam's penchant for the outdoors. I tend to get a little nervous at the tail-end of a long winter about the amount of television they want to watch. But, heck, now that it's still light and warm out at 9:00 p.m., I don't think they even remember that we have a boob tube!

Riley slipped into dreamland yesterday evening on the way home after a long day of play at school. When we got home, he was grumpy and confused to the point of lunacy. He sobbed that he wanted to stay outside, that he wanted to go in, that he was tired, and that he wanted that truck back (what?). I hauled both boys inside, about which neither was happy, and listened to both of them howling in the kitchen. I considered whether I had really wanted to come home. I announced that as soon as I changed my clothes, we were all going to the river. Not to be reborn, but for a revival of sorts...a nice run on the trail for Mom (sanity, where art thou?) and some fresh air in a quickly moving (or not) stroller for the boys. This was fine with them, as long as it culminated in stopping at the park. Deal.

So, at bedtime, although I felt like a bowl of leftover Jell-O still on the counter from last night's supper - those boys are getting heavy to push - we were all satisfied, revived I guess. I'm also guessing we'll do it all over again tonight!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:57 AM

You have an excellent writing style, I must say.  Congrats to Riley on making it through the school year!

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