My family - me, dh, 2 kids abd 3 dogs loaded up and drove to my mom's house in VA this morning, we got here around 4. The ride down was not fun - Danica was insatiable - I had to lean over her carseat to nurse her for 3 hours straight, with the foot of her seat digging into my ribs. I had to rock her carseat for the last 2 hours or she would go from sleeping to screaming in 3 seconds or less. Enzo escaped from his crate and had diarrhea all over Danica's snugglenest. And then did it again, a few hours later, on Danica's snugli. Sigh. My dh was cranky so it was somehow all my fault, and my fault that we both haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep a night in a month. I don't remember making a baby by myself, but ok. Dh turns into a child when he's grouchy, I'm used to it now. So we'll be here for a few days - we're introducing the baby to my dad, brother, sister, grandmother, sil, bil. I won't be on cm a whole lot but I'll be checking in a few times a day.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:58 AM Bless your heart, that sounds like the trip from hell!!!  I hope you have a fun trip, and are able to get some rest!

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