I can't stand the way you made my life. I got pregnant with Chloe my senior year, your junior year of high school. My mom let you live with us. All you did was go to school, come home and paly video games. You didn't help around the house, didn't help with the bills, or buy the food. You didn't even get a job to help support the baby. When I would take Chloe to see my family you yelled, flipped punched walls. When you watched her you kept her in the bedroom in her crib. Not okay with me. Then Chloe was 7 months of so and I found out you were doing drugs, so not ok with me and I told you to leave. And when you came to get the rest of your stuff you went after my little brother, I mean you literally went through his bedroom door and started beating him up all because he gave you a dirty look. Well needless to say my mom had you arrested since he was a minor and you just turned 18.

So for Chloe's 2nd Christmas I brought to your mom's house on Christmas Eve. You were in the beginning of a relationship with this girl. You had only been dating her a few weeks I recall. When Chloe was being helped open her presents they said from Daddy and Rachel. She never met Chloe, why would you put her name on the presents?

I finally got the guts to take you for child support and in retalliation you tried to take me for custody. Well that got thrown in your face because I wasn't going to let my child alone with a druggie. You told the court you wanted to her for overnight visits. I had told the court about your drug habits, how your family smoke around her knowing she had asthma. They court ordered you supervised visits ATLEAST twice a week. That lasted awhile.

Her first birthday came before I knew it and I was having a party for her. I decided to have it at a neutral place knowing you were allowed at my house. My aunt said we could use her yard. Great! I sent you and your family an invitation to the party. Your mom and little brother showed. Your older brother, his wife and son came too. You did not. You sent Chloe a card with your mother. The card was signed Love Dave not Love Dad.

So you stopped seeing her, you stopped paying child support. You ended up going to jail for child support. You spent 3 months there and they let you out to get a job, you only had to be on house arrest. Well after you were out for one week you had to be drug tested and guess what, you ended up back in jail for the last 3 months of the 6 because you tested hot. Seriously I knew you were stupid but I didnt think you were that stupid.

Now Chloe is going to be 3 this summer and you finally decided you wanted to see  her. I dont have to like it but I have to let you see her, it's court ordered. So you see her for the first time in what 18 months if not more and you get mad because she calls you him. She doesnt know you from the man walking down the street. My husband has been raisind her since before she turned 2. And now your mad at me because she calls him DAD! I was not telling an 18 month old she wasnt allowed to to call the man raising her dad, I DON'T THINK SO!!

If you want to be a dad then start acting like. Stop doing your stupid drugs, get a job, and act like one. Your turning 21 not 12. You created her too, if you don't want to help support her then do me the favor and sign your rights over. You dont have legal rights to her as it is, I made sure of that when we went for custody.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:06 AM I pray that for your daughter's sake and for her future, he wakes up and either starts acting like an adult and a father or he signs away his rights and allows your husband to adopt your daughter.  Good luck.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:10 AM This is one of the few cases like this but atleast you have the guts to stand up to him!!!! Not many women do And I give you all the credit in the world for doing what is best for your child!!!!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 10:44 AM It's stories like yours that make me thankful I have no contact with my daughter's father. The child support would help, but my daughter will be 17 in July, and I've never seen a dime. Glad you found a real man. I hope you can get his rights removed - sounds like too much of an a-hole to just sign them over. A dad is the person your husband is. That other guy is just a sperm donor. Good for you for being the bigger person this whole time and protecting your child.

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