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This actually happened Saturday and Sunday.  Its not really a vent, kinda an amused observance of how desperate the realtors are in this housing market

As most of you know, the house I am living in is for sale and has been on the market for about 1 year.  The house is a major **handyman's special** and has had the price severely reduced.  Anyways, we have this wonderful realtor who calls the day before someone wants to look at the house.  I asked him to do this because I have a toddler and an infant and sometimes the house isn't show ready within 2  He totally understands and tries to do that.

So, on Friday, I get a call from the realtor who says someone from his office will be coming by at 10am to show the house.  He wouldn't be able to be there, but he told her that if it was raining (which it was) I would be in the house because of the kids.  She came with the person looking (who was taking pictures...shrug) and left.  I wasn't expecting anyone else for the rest of the day.

At around 430, just as I was finishing making supper, my doorbell rang.  My first thought was, crap Jehovah Witnesses but then the door bell rang again.  JW's don't normally ring the doorbell twice.  So, I go to the front door and answer it.  There was this woman standing there and she told me that she was here to look at the house.  I told her she had to be mistaken, that my realtor (Jim) never told me she was coming.  She said she couldn't get in touch with him and she left a message.  Then I told her that she needed to have a realtor with her to look at the house.  She said she was the realtor and told me she was from Caldwell Bankers.  So, I decided to take her word on it and let her in.  But not before warning her that the house was a little messy (Becky's dollhouse stuff was all over the place and Zach's toys were on the floor). 

She walks in with her client and they get as far as the kitchen (which was a mess also because I was just finishing making supper) and they leave.  I seriously had my doubts that she was an agent and I have had issues with Caldwell Bankers before.  They were trying to bully me into putting the house on the market under them and dump Re-max.  I had to get my MIL (who is selling the house) and Jim involved before they would stop calling.

Sunday rolls around and we do our thing.  At 5pm, I was giving Becky a bath when I hear the doorbell ring.  Brian goes and answers it.  From what he says, it was another Caldwell Banker agent trying to get into the house.  This one said Jim's voicemail cut her off and she decided to come anyways.  Well, Brian told her no, it wasn't going to happen and to leave.  That she could come back when she makes an appointment with the Re-max agent.  She asked if they (the people) could look at the outside and he said sure, go ahead.  By this time, I had gotten Becky out of the tub and dressed.  I saw the cars leave. 

Brian then called my MIL to let her know what was going on.  She said, that under no circumstance, let anyone into the house other the Jim or people that Jim approved.  I totally agree with her.  How do you know that they are agents.  I was also a little amused because the market must be getting bad for  other agents to try and take another agent sale. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:14 AM How pathetic.  And, inconvenient!!  And rude!! 

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