So I havent slept in 3 days and havent eaten in almost as long, I've been stressign about everything and worrying myself sick over my baby sister. .. .Well yesterday I called my mom to ask her if she knew anything, well Dani had to be induced, she was contracting every 3 minutes for over 24 hours but didnt dialate. .. . So long story short she was in the hospital being induced, and in labor. . ..

My mom started going off on me because my other sister took 10 xanax's the night before and 3 that morning. .. and was constantly wasted. . . . My little brother was starting to act up.. .. My Sister that is strung out has a daughter that will be 4 in december. . . .Well mom has been raising kate, my neice, for the last few months and she is finally off the bottle and out of diapers. . . . and doesnt have mats in her hair. . .. .

Anyways, moms bf smokes pot and mom accepts it and allows it in her house (around my brother who is still a minor, and my moms boyfriend is here illegally, so he is running a big risk, and they are in oklahoma where they passed that immigration law, ick) So I explained to her that she knows it goes on, she allows it, she has no room to complain, because if she was that worried she wouldnt have ever allowed it in her house to begin with. .. . She got mad and told me she didnt need my lectures this and that. . . .

 I'm sorry, you want to complain abotu somethign you allow!! you condone, apparently, since she supplies it for him. . . ..

AHHH!!! I have enough on my plate already and she knows it, altho she doesnt seem to care!!

Anyways, she started in on me and then decided she didnt want to talk to me. ...  So we get off hte phone. .. .

BTW, all I wanted/NEEDED was someone to talk to, I am so stressed and upset and just drained in all ways. . . .. .

 She then texts me sayign she loves me so i text back tellign her i love her too and asking when was the last time she called to ask how me or my son are doing, or maybe even when was the last time we talked for more than 7 minutes. . .. .

Her response. . . .

 "i never dreamed you'd live in another state'

WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??? So what, am I not as important as the other kids because I am in another state???

I am just so hurt, I keep crying, why does she have to be so hurtful to me??!?!?!

She threw a HUGE fit abotu not being here for my sons birth, then i told her I'm due in november and I was going to call her as soon as i started any contractions so she could be here. . .. She let me know that she is getting her tubes untied within the next couple months and will be too busy tryign to give her boyfriend a baby to be able to come down here. . ...

Grandma said she is comming here to visit this month come hell or high water, lol.. .. . and that i am more than welcome to go back with her and we can stay for a couple weeks. . .. . but i have an appt on the 21st or 22nd, i cant remember, lol. .. .. . But grandma said well work something out.  ..and she will be here for this baby's birth even if she has to quit a job or what. . .. So that way i have someone from my side of hte family there. ...

I just dunno. . .

So I have a new neice, She was born at 1144 pm. . .. 8 lbs 6 oz. . . . I havent been told her name or anythign else. .  ..

Atleast my grandma still loves me. .. .


Can I just call in dead today and maybe itll make everythign better???

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:12 AM Sounds like you have had a rough one!  :(  I hope things get better - congrats on the baby niece - I hope she is healthy and happy.  I hope things get better between you and your mom.  Your in my thoughts and prayers.

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