The embossing stylus is a tool that looks much like a roller ball pen without ink- often with a larger "ball"/nib at one end and smaller one at the other end.  The smaller end is used for more intricate embossing. 

 Empressor- rolling tip stylus
The stylus can be used for more than one purpose :
  1. Non-scrapbooking- making lines and details in polymer clay prior to baking.
  2. Using it on your rub-ons to adhere them to the desired surfaces.
  3.  Scoring- pull stylus against and along a ruler to create an indentation/"score" in your paper for an easier, cleaner fold.

4. Dry Embossing:  To begin, place paper or cardstock face down over template/stencil.   You can use a lightbox, or tape template/stencil on a window.   Use stylus to rub over the indentation of the template/stencil- this creates a raised (embossed) image on the front of the paper.  When done, you can cut or tear out around the image and use on a layout or project.
- lightbox

-brass stencil taped to window

-cardstock over stencil on lightbox

embossing over lightbox

embossed image  on cardstock

-embossed image on vellum

-embossing over stencil taped to window on vellum

(contributed by mamamiaohmy)

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