Oh man.... I thought I was in the clear with morning sickness since I read it pretty much only lasts till the 12 week or so.. and I had not had it at all. But... the last week or so I started getting sick and then sicker...    Now I feel for those preggers who were sick....  The thing is... I am nauseous only during the day and then when I lay down to go to bed... I have to run to the bathroom to get sick.  I have tried to eat oranges and bandannas before bed.  Or drinking a cup of ginger tea with lemon.  Nothing helps!!!  I joked with my husband.. saying that the baby is finally getting back at me for the heavy partying I did during the first month. (when I didn't know I was pregnant)   Pay Back is a bitch!   The doctor just says I am one of the select few that get sick.  Hahaha well shit happens.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:12 AM I am right there with you i am 20 wks pregnant and i have been getting very sick again. the morning sickness stopped for awhile and then now it is worse. hang in there

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