Long before my husband and I began dating, we were friends. Because of that, there were no false pretenses between us. We weren’t trying to impress each other, or be somebody we weren’t. We were afforded the opportunity to be ourselves, having fun, being truthful, and sharing our thoughts and opinions without hesitation. And then, ………………it happened.

While there is much to be said for romance, nothing compares to real genuine friendship as strong foundational building blocks for your relationship. Crushes come and go, but real love-the kind that endures, and will withhold when facing major storms, must be rooted in mutual respect and friendship. It is often when you least expect it, that the person sitting right beside you, begins to make your heart palpitate.

Your guard is down, you trust them, you can talk to them, they know you, you simply have fun hanging out. Then, suddenly you realize there is nobody else you’d rather be with. You miss them when they’re not around. SOMETHING HAS CHANGED! You can’t even pinpoint when it exactly took place. But love definitely snuck in right beneath your nose.

In my case, everybody seemed to notice before we did. They insisted we were dating, when we hadn’t even considered it yet. “His eyes follow you from across the room” on lookers would point out. “Are you blind?” they would ask. We had begun thinking alike, finishing each other’s sentences, defending one another, even communicating without having to use words. Love often sneaks up, right before our eyes, with one we least expect.

Having said that, if you are married-guard your heart. Careful not to spend your time alone with the opposite sex. Many affairs started that way. What began as an innocent friendship developed into more, and destroyed everything in its path.

If you are single, perhaps this is an eye-opener for you. Consider the one you’ve come to rely on, and confide in. A well known verse in the bible says, “Blessed is the man who finds a good wife.” She may be sitting right beside you…. After dating for a year, I married my best friend. That was over 8 years ago. We now have 5 children. Who knew???

Written by

Angie Lucarini

Author of Go Ahead EAT I Dare You, and Maximize Your Marriage in 21 Days. Books are available on Amazon.com, Benders, The Beacon, or by calling 1-800-917-BOOK.

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