Art's father can be such an asshole! His brothers and sisters can too! The other day, I went to see Sex & the City with my mom and Art had Karmyn for the day, so he went over to his dads. Well his sister was there and all she kept saying was that Karmyn looked just like me and then would tell Art that she looked NOTHING like him. (Why couldn't she just keep it at she looks likes me, did she have to add in the fact that she thinks she looks nothing like Art?) Then his dad chimes in with the same. Then Karmyn was crying a lot over there and Art was trying to calm her down and his dad made some comment about how I (me) can always get her to stop crying and that I always get her to laugh. Karm and I were playing on the floor over there and Art & his dad heard us laughing and Art said that we (all 3 of us play like that) and his dad said that Art can't get Karm to laugh like I can. I feel so bad and have to say that Art is a better person than I am because I would have cut everybody in my family off if they said the things to me that his family says to him. To make matters worse, we always end up getting into arguements about it. Sometimes, even though he has never said this, I feel bad playing and laughing with Karm infront of his family because I know what they are thinking, that Karm likes me better than him and Art even thinks that Karm loves me more and that she never wants to be around him. And on top of all of this, Art's dad wants us to move into the house with him. Yea, it would save us a lot of money, but with the that man is, I might kill myself (or him) if we had to live there. Parts of me feel bad for saying that, but then I think does he feel bad for saying the things that he says (and has done) to his son???

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:27 AM All babies are momma's girls at first. There will come a time when the baby and Art are practically inseperable. Then she'll have daddy wrapped around her finger. Of course she will still like you especially when she needs her mommy to comfort her. Does Art get to help put her to bed? Does he read stories to her? It doesn't take much but adding him into the bedtime routine or giving them something else special to do together and then it will start to show when you are around his family. Even though my baby's father isn't around every day, when he does come by I let him change her, I let him bathe her. The only thing he can't do is feed her-no boobs-but I will pass her over after she is done eating and let him burp her. When it comes to his family though, I know they are disappointed in the fact that he isn't around enough and isn't financially supporting us but I always make sure to tell them the good things he does with her when he is there. It keeps them thinking there is a glimmer of hope that things will turn around soon. Your situation is different though but if you tell them the good stuff, especially in front of him, it will boost his ego too. Just a thought.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 9:29 PM

I agree, they sound like assholes to me too!! And in my opinion, Karm looks EXACTLY like BOTH of you, depending on what pictures you look at, lol. Jimmy even says that all the time, "she looks JUST like Art!" LOL. And I know he is hoping his son will look just like him, lol.

I agree with the above mom too, I hear that alot! Babies are most always going to be mommas kids at first, we carry them for 9 months, they are used to us, our voice, our movements, etc. She will one day, I agree, have Art wrapped around her little fingers!! =))

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