So I had been planning on going out with the girls for a friends birthday for a few months. My hub knew about it the whole time, never mentioned anything about it. A week before I was supposed to go out, I went to hang out at a friends house for a few hours with my youngest daughter who is 3 months old. My oldest daughter was with my husband, and she is 4. He was going over to his parents house, and I told him I would leave my friends in a few hours to come hang out with him, and his parents. Well an hour after I got to my friends, my husband calls me 6 times, ( iwasnt by my phone) and he tells me I am dumb for going, I never spend time with my family, and that I am selfish. So. I am pissed, I take care of our two kids, and hardly ever go out. I told him, this is BS and he is not my father, and he does not need to tell me when my curfew is. Well fast forward to the girls night. He asks ne whn I am going to be home, an I tell him I am not sure. He starts calling my cell phine at 12 and tells me I should have been home between 11-11:30.  He tells me Iam a bitch, selfish, he doesnt want me to come home, and he is tired of taking care of MY daughters. They are half his too. Now, he is being all lovey dovey and says he wants to make it work. I feel stuck and dont know what to do. Iam tired of being controlled. What do you think?

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