this child is either going to be a marathon runner or really hyper!! lol the past two days the baby has moved NONSTOP! lol im not complaing but i bet when the baby is born and starts crawling or walking i will be! lol i cant wait for october. its too far away. the cute thing is when the baby is still my fiance will come in the room or he will be in the room already but when he starts talking the baby hears hims and starts wiggling and going crazy! i love it. its the cutest thing ever.

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Jul. 8, 2008 at 1:17 PM same little man is going nuts constantly..i love it..i love to watch my belly...and same with his daddy my husband when he talks he moves even more...and when he puts his hand on my belly he goes and goes...then he takes his hand away and one of my other children puts their hand there and he feel the same way that october seems so far away but im enjoying it cause i love being pregnant and feeling that baby move but i am having my tubes tied after i have this one...6 children is am just enjoying this last pregnancy

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