These are all great pieces left over from my sale from my craft business - shipping and handling not included - local delivery available for a service fee.


The first set of pics is all the Gothic beaded jewelry I have left:  I am wanting to sell this as a lot.  Asking $25.00 for the lot - over 10 pieces total!  Great Deal for the asking price!

All the following pieces are made of plastic beads, very quality made- Necklaces are $5.00 each and the bracelets are $3.00 each

These are bracelets made of a mixture of glass and or beads - $6.00 each

The next set of pics are necklaces and bracelets made out of wood some with with plastic and gold metal beads but mostly wood - very nice pieces - Necklaces are $7.00 each and the bracelets are $5.00 each

This next picture is a necklace made out of all glass beads - very tedious work but makes a great looking necklace - $11.00

This is the only anklet I have left for sale:  Made of fancy plastic beads - $7.00

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