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Oh man. Alice is sick AGAIN. I wish I didn't have a kiddo who was so apt to catching illnesses. She woke up this morning screaming her head off..well, that is, as much as she could. Her voice is all raspy and it sounds like her throat is swollen. When she isn't crying, it doesn't sound quite as bad, but I can tell her airways are somewhat constricted. Cause for concern, of course. Might be the ol' croup. I got that alot as a baby/kid, so I know exactly what the symptoms are. And how horrible Alice must feel. She is throwing tantrums left and right..not that I can blame her, but it's wearing on me very quickly.

I had to call into work..which was a challenge in and of itself. I think that it was actually MY phone screwing up, but at first I figured it was Greg's (my uncle/boss.) His was acting all kinds of weird I tried texting him and Rhonda (aunt/other boss.) When I got no response, I ended up calling the office phone. Greg said he could hardly hear me, so I had to call his cell. I finally got through (Rhonda picked up because Greg was on the other line with someone else.)

I'm going to see if the doctor thinks Alice is contagious. If he says she isn't, hopefully my babysitter will take Alice later on today. Time to get ready for the appointment at 9:50...wish me luck! I totally need it..I can't afford to miss a day of work. Shoot, I can't afford a flippin' doctor visit!! Stupid life.

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Jun. 10, 2008 at 2:23 PM Awwww man, is she doing better?

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