I really need to vent here.  I literally can't stand my daughter's teacher.  I wish i could beat her ass.  First she tells me my daughter is slow and may need special ed and wants to "test" her.  Fine, I let them test her.  Then we have a meeting about the results last week.  The test came back that she is right on target with all the other kids her age.  then the teacher says well maybe we should put her in anyhow, because the test couldnt be right.  excuse me???  So I said hmmm, so if the test would have came back that she did in fact need it, then you would want me to go by it.  But since it didnt, you want me to over look it because its just a standardized test like you said.  So next year when she takes the meap, and further down the road, the CAT, ACT, SAT etc.  If those "standardized tests" come back with a score i dont like then I can just look those over as well?? I also said if she is in such dire need of help because she is lacking the skills of her peers, then what the hell happened last year?!?!?  Not one letter, or phone call came my way.  How come no one noticed last year?!?!?  There were 5 people all at the table and they looked dumbfounded and started to stutter, ummm......welll.......uuhhhhh that was last year we have nothing to .....I cut her off and I said of course the I didn't have anything to do with last year card.  exactly my point.  Then the school physcologist comes in, 2 of them mind you.  they both tell me that they also did seperate tests on her at seperate times and both got the same results.  Shes a normal, SMART, healthy little girl.  They both said how sweet and beautiful she is.  The one said he had her do a IQ test and on one of the tests she had to identify patterns, he said only 1-15 out of 100 ever finish, its timed, let alone gets them all correct and guess who got it??  My babygirl.  He said not only did she finish but she had a lot of time left over and he was fascinated with her.  the other physcologist that was there plainly said to the teacher, its not her, it's you.  You are not trying to communicate with her and your not trying to undertsand her, therfore she shuts you out.  She said I would also if i felt that everything I did was wrong to my teacher.  I could have hugged that woman.  I have been saying all year it was her teacher and no one believed me.  So after that fun fest, my daughter goes back to school.  Everything is fine until today.  She had a field trip that she has been waiting and excited about going on for weeks now.  they call me to tell me to come get her because she has pink eye.  WTF?!?!?!  I said no she doesn't.  She hit something on her eye and its a little irritated.  Her teacher said well you need to take her to the docs and she cant come back until then.  OMG!!!!!!!!!  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!  So my mom goes and picks her up, half way down the walkway my daughter stops, collaspes on her knees balling her eyes out saying, but I didnt even do anything grandma, I swear i didnt.  I just wanted to go on the field trip.  Why are they make me go home??  What did I do??  Aint I a good girl??? OMG, my mom satrted crying and hugging her telling her yes she was a good girl.  Why??  Why would a teacher of all people be so hateful to a little girl????  Shes only 7!!!!!  I am so hurt and disgusted.  I dont knwo what to do.  Thank god she is out of there in a matter of days and wont have her next yr.  But I just dont understand.  My little girl is so sweet and terribly shy.  She has a heart of gold and shes being treated this way????  I just dont get it. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:32 AM

Yep, I'd take her out, too!!!  That is horrible!  If a teacher has problems bonding with a student, then she should be the one to quit, because she is obviously not cut out for the job!!!  What a witch!!

I'm so sorry your little girl has to be subjected to such a woman.  She definitely deserves better!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:32 AM

Your journal almost broke my heart.  Thankfully she is almost done with school.  Have you talked to the principal about this teacher?  I really wouldn't let it go.  She will probably do the same thing to another child next year.  If you don't get results from the principal, then call the school board.  Poor baby...Hugss.....

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:24 PM You have got to do something! I agree, don't let it go. This is ridiculous! NO child should EVER be treated this way! I can't believe that women calls herself a teacher. These people are the ones that we trust with our children, and she has completely shattered that. Her job is to help these kids, not to belittle them. Once the doc says she doesn't have pink eye I would march right into that woman's classroom and say now what? Your poor baby! At least this years almost over!

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 1:50 PM That's b.s. and I don't mean brown sugar.  Evidently this teacher has some issue with your daughter.  Hopefully school is out for ya'll now and next year will be better for your daughter.  Our school tried to pull that b.s. with my daughter.  They insisted she had adhd.  I told them they could take their opinion and shove it!!  I told them she makes straight A's and if she is figiting during class it's because they don't challenge her.  She has made a 4.0 and all A's for the year...yep, it must be adhd.  : p  Stand up for your child and don't be afraid to get a little pissy with them.  Ride them when they are doing wrong.  I would rather them hate me and dread me having to come to school to straighten them out than them walk all over my child!!!

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