so here is the skinny, i am 27  and for the second time this year i have had no period. the first time i only miss a month. this time. well the last time i had one was the begining of march. i cant tell you how many home prego test i have take they all come back a no go. so in this time i end up getting sick. broncitus  so the doc does a prego test. and still a no go it is now june and nothing. so i took a blood pergo test friday, and they still have not gotten the results back. i real hate this docs office..

my thing is if i am not prego then what is wrong with me. i can understand 1 missed period for being sick but i realy dont think that is what it is. i  am worried that it could be something all togethere diff. witch if i can not have any more kids that will kill me i have always wanted 2 and right now i only have one. and after almost 4 yrs hubby final says yes to another. only i have to get health first. ( i have high clost. and high blood surgar, and could lose a few pounds, there are some other things we both agree on that we we nee to do frist) and now.......... i dont know THE DAM DOC WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT IS SAYS. i want another one but at the same time i wanted to try for one. our first child was not a try, (althought   i am glade i have him) . but i am so freaked that they will tell me i am not prego and something iss wrong. bc i have not systems of my period coming. what else could it be. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is driving me crazy.. i do and i dont want to be prego. i do bc that means that nothing is wrong. but i dont bc this is not how i wanted to get my second child.

this freaking suck. what can i do. i dont want them to tell me i can not have kids any more when i finaly get hubby to say ok.

******* update******************

the test came back  a no. still no period.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:32 AM I used to miss my period for up to 6 months - a year.... not pregnant. (It is part of the reason I had no clue I was preggo with my son until 13 weeks) Turns out I had thyroid problems. I was hypothyroid when I was missing periods. I got pregnant and became hyperthyroid... lost crazy weight when my son was born and again when my daughter was. In between pregnancies suddenly my period was exactly 28 1/2 days (nuts huh?) I had my thyroid removed and they were starting to become irregular again... but now I am pregnant.... so I can't say how they would have gone.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:36 AM My sister missed her period two months in a row because she was so stressed out. There was no way she could have been pregnant because she has had her tubes tied for over two years. Sometimes sickness but sometimes stress can take a toll too. Just relax. You could always adopt, think about it all the joys of a baby-no diapers. Wouldn't that be fantastic. I am thinking about it so I encourage others to whenever I can.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:56 AM

I've missed periods off and on through out my years. If there is no medical reason such as the thryoid problem the 1st poster mentioned.....its stress related.  Having children can be stressful.  If you have lost or gained any weight drastically recently, that will do it.  It could be any number of things, but if you are wanting to be pregnant.....I hope that youa re.

I personally am now skipping due to perimenopause.  Fun

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 8:12 PM

 Well, I am no doctor myself, but I do not think that anything is wrong.

I actually was just going through something similar to your situation. I had my period in early mid march and I had not had one since. I did not think something was wrong though because I just chalked it up to the fact that I had moved to a different state and I basically turned my life upside down and I hated it because thats what I though was best at the time (to make a long story short) When everything didnt work out in the different state two weeks later I packed my daughter (17months) and myself up and took the next flight back home. I couldnt have been happier. The entire time that I was in Texas I was extreamly sick and so was my baby, I thought that it was just the climate change, and then I thought that it was the flu and then I just got so worried that I couldnt take it anymore and came home but when I still hadnt had my period after returning home I decided on Mothers Day to take a prego test and it was actually defective. It didnt show if I was pregnant or if I wasnt. So, I took two more and the last one was positive. I was so upset and happy at the same time, but after a long time before I took the test I really was worried and really stressed out. All of these things can play a factor in not having a period. Its a very touchy thing for girls, and here is something I learned back in my first year of college living in the dorms with four other girls: When females live together (suddenly move in with each other or are around each other a lot) each girls cycle will wait for the others to start until they are all on the same cycle of the month  isnt that crazy? So, I really hope you understand how touchy periods can be and there could be a number of just simple reasons that yours has not started yet. I hope that I have eased your mind a little. Maybe perhaps you just need a litle trip out with some really close friends or just a nice get away to stop worring so much about everything, and maybe your body will either start your cycle, or the doctor will call by that time .... and if you hate your doctor I really stronly encourage you to seek another one. I would not stay with a doctor I did not like or communicate with me. I hope I helped, sorry about the really long post. Hope things get better and keep me posted               -melissa 

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