The last gift my father gave my step-mother Shellee was a potted rose plant. Well, he didn't actually go to the store and purchase it. He was bedridden at the time because of small cell lung cancer. But he gave a friend the money and specific instructions to buy a potted white rose for Shellee's birthday.

Shellee loved the plant and appreciated what Daddy had gone through to get it for her, but she was consumed with caring for him. She put the potted rose on the back porch and forgot about it. About a year after Daddy died, Shellee was working in her backyard and came across the plant. Actually, it was nothing but a dried up stick! She broke the stick in half and saw that it was dead all the way through.

Still, however, she had a strong urge to plant that stick. Even as she was doing it, part of her mind told her that she was nuts. That plant was as dead and gone as Daddy was. Nonetheless, she did plant the stick in a flower bed along the back side of the house. She watered it faithfully, never understanding why she was compelled to do so. About two weeks later, Shellee saw something incredible -- a small green shoot growing where the stick had been buried! She continued her care of the budding plant and the next season the baby bush bloomed. That was nine years ago.

The small, dead, dried up stick that Shellee planted 10 years ago is now the bush you see behind me in this pic:

Shellee believes this bush is visible evidence that Daddy is with her even today.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 11:38 AM

That is a nice story. Thanks for sharing. 

I am Lisa's Mom, Diann

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