I was trying to get a friend of mine to bring his kid out for a play date...this is what happened when he talked to his wife.  (The names have been changed - this is the actual IM conversation they had)  This is very messed up and partly selfish of her in my opinion.  Maybe I'm wrong. 

Robert says: How do you feel
Bonney says: ok
Robert says: can you talk for a sec
Bonney says: k
Robert says: I think it would be fun if Carter had some kids his age to play with outside of daycare
Robert says: maybe we should ask around at daycare to see if anyone sets up play dates/outings or would be interested
Bonney says: I hate crap like that
Bonney says: he is around those kids all day long
Bonney says: we need to have family time in our free time
Robert says: in know, but you said that he had a lot of fun with jeff and lanetta's kids
Robert says: and we would still all be together
Robert says: it is just something I was thinking about
Bonney says: I don't want to hang out with people I don't know so that you can see Carter interact with other kids
Robert says: I just thought he would have fun. I don't care if I see it or not
Bonney says: he gets plenty of interaction at daycare
Bonney says: he needs to interact with us some
Robert says: ok
Bonney says: BYE
Robert says: bye.

 I understand having family time.  I guess what bothers me most is that she is using that as an excuse.   Yuck...

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