My grandfather taught me about the world. He taught me about everything,He always told me I was smart and could anything I put my mind to. He taught me how to live life and be kind to others. He taught me that hardwork gets you somewhere in life. He taught me to love myself just as much as I love others. 

He took me to church, brought me for icecream,picked me up from school nurse whenever i was sick, took me to the doctor, took me to girlscouts, brought me strawberry picking in the summer, let me help in his garden where I helped him plant tomatoes and cucumbers.We would take long walks and sit in the shade reading on summer afternoons. We watched Cops, and WWE wrestling at night.Fishing on his boat was his favorite and I spent many days with him pulling up the "treasures of the sea" we always caught the garbage!

He appreciated nature and the good things in life. He was always a smile, comfort, and would hand you a candy from his pocket. No matter what happened he was always there for all of us.

He went through operation after operation and stuck around for years because he was stubborn. I know that he isn't suffering anymore and he isn't gone he is a part of me and who I am.

The last time he saw me he told me,"You were always the smart one,are you going back to school?" I know I need to honor his wishes and get my butt back in college.He was always so proud of me and wanted the best for me.He was the only person in my life that was always pointing to the right path.He always believed that there is no bad people in life, just people who make the wrong decisions.

I am glad I went to see him one last time.Not many people get that chance,he knows I cared about him enough to come see him and I told him that I loved him and gave him a kiss on the cheek one last time.

Now I have to pick myself up because I know he'd tell me that he didn't want me to cry all day. I have to be strong for my kids.


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:41 AM I had a Grandad (my dad's dad)......... who was just like that..........He devoted his life to me and my brother's and sister.......  He'd pick us up from school when sick etc......, he's have to drive 35 minutes to get to the school...... he spent almost everyday with us in the summer, doing stuff with us outside....  I was 17 when he died..... He was the Greatest......... I'm really sorry for your loss and I know how much it hurts.......  It will get better, but you'll always hurt inside over somebody that special in your Life.

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