My family calls me a hippy, and my Father in law probably less than stellar things, but one thing I have always been aware of is trying to help my environment.  I think it started with that PSA with the Native American over looking all this roadside trash with a single tear coming out of his eye. I have always been acutely aware that it is up to me, personally to be a steward, not a dominator. I wish I could say that was every-one's priority in the scheme of things, but I have learned that it simply is not and the only person that I can count on to evoke change is me.

That being said, it is probably obvious that I re-purpose and recycle everything I can that comes into my home. The only food that goes in the trash is bones. The dog eats the meat and the rest uses the garbage disposal (I think the jury is still out on whether this is good or not, but I have close neighbors who wouldn't appreciate the smell, even for a good cause). I use reusable plastic containers to store as much as possible and I wash out plastic bags that didn't have meat in them for reuse. One of my down falls are paper towels. We mostly use rags and towels for cleaning up spills and messes, but I "need" the paper towels for things like drying off chicken and stuff. I also use one paper towel a week to clean mirrors and TV screens.

I have also recently signed up for Boston Organics which sends me organic fruits and vegetables every other week (though I am changing to every week soon because it is gone quick) because there isn't a place near us that sells organic foods, and the places that aren't near us are VERY expensive. The only problem I have with this service is that  although they try to buy local, a lot of the stuff is imported. I am not entirely unhappy with that though, since our growing season is very short and we would be missing out on some good vegetables entirely. They buy local when they can, and for now that is good enough for me, at least until I can find a good organic farmer's market.

This post marks the beginning of a new phase. I am slowing going to stop using my harmful chemical cleaners and start making my own using less harmful items. I still have a lot of ammonia left and I am not sure if I can live entirely without bleach because I still haven't been able to train my dog to go outside and I need something strong to mop up her mess with. I will keep researching and see though. I have found recipes for dish soap, laundry detergent and other cleaning items and will start using them as substitutes.

Future posts will be about how I am handling the transition and what is next on my "living green" journey. I want to find a balance between fanatic and slacker. I know that there has to be a happy medium that will reduce my footprint on this earth without having to resort to wearing only hemp clothes and Birkenstocks and eating a raw vegan diet, not that there is anything wrong with that.

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