I don't ever remember not having a story in my head from a book being read to me or that i was reading myself.  My love of reading started very early.  I am the youngest of five children and the next child in line was a sister five years older than I.  So she practiced her reading by reading aloud to me.  At one time, my parents bought a "children's library" of some 20 books with a two stories/novels per book.  The titles included Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, much of the Babar series, were among my favorites.  My all time favorite was Grimm's Fairytales.

When I started reading on my own I read the Bobbsey Twins that was rescued from a garage sale by my mother.  I read books from my school library and the public library.  I read Madeline and others.  I graduated to the Little House on the Prairie books.  When I was 11 years old my first nephew was born, and I began reading to him and the others that would follow.  I read different books to my neices and nephews and even my own daughters.  I found books they loved hearing, and I loved reading.  It started with a little book called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  I also discovered a wonderful alphabet book called I Used to Be an Artichoke.  My daughters favorites were (and still are at 15 and 20) the Little Critter books, because they loved looking for the friendly little spider in each drawing; and the Robert Munsch books Paper Bag Princess; Purple, Green, and Yellow; Pigs;and  David's Father.

One of the first books that I remember telling everyone to read because it opened my eyes to how someone might see how I lived in rural Nebraska very differently than I did. I found the book in one of my mother's Reader's Digest Condensed Books.  The title: One Summer Inbetween.  It was about a young woman inbetween her last year of high school and first year of college.  She is African-American and from the city.  She goes to spend the summer in rural Virginia to help with a family.  It's a wonderful book and now both of my girls have read it also.

Throughout high school I read Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, and Harlequin Romances. I also read Barbara Cartland, Phyliss Whitney, and Victoria Holt. I loved reading so much, that I went to college to be an English teacher just so I could read more books.  While in college, I was introduced to Jane Austen, George Elliott, and Robert Cornier.

I still read every chance I get. 

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