Summer has a culture all it's own… watermelon, gardening,
sleeping under the stars, skinny-dipping and just an all around more
relaxed way of being. Do away with stress and dig in to summer! I say
this because the number one reason for low libido in women and men is
stress and fatigue. Everyone has a busy life with unexpected
obstacles tripping us up along the way. Let summertime be your excuse
to let go a little. Have more fun, laugh, run through the sprinkler,
send the kids off to a sleep over and let your inhibitions go!

And of course, you know I am a Pleasure Expert! If you need any
inspiration, just give me call! I still have the following June/July
dates open for couples and/or women-only toy parties:
June: 6, 7, 22  July: 4, 5, 6, 11, 20, 27

I offer catalog parties and theme parties!!!

And if you act now you will even receive a FREE gift at your party!!!

phone number: 570-748-5163

(sales must be $200 or more to receive your free gift)

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