There's nothing like having a third to throw a wrench into my view of myself as a parent.  I think I have it down and am qualified to call myself "together" then I have a third baby that goes against what has worked with the other two, and throws a little more chaos on top.  I got the older two to sleep through the night at three months and gave advice to my sister, telling her that it worked with MY two.  I think it's that whole karma thing because now I have a baby that really does not want to sleep through the night.  She is truly my cuddlebug, I call her my little koala because the way she will sit perched on my hip all day if I let her, quietly looking at the world with her big brown eyes and fluffy head of hair.  My older daughter kidnapped her today while I was on the phone and decided to perch her on the kid's play table, which Maddie promptly toppled off of.  There's nothing like having to tell the doctor that your older daughter had the baby when you weren't looking and that's why she fell to make me feel like a bad parent.

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